Partnership Announcement: Loloyal & Beehexa Unite


Loloyal, as the developer of the Shopify loyalty app, we consistently dedicate ourselves to delivering loyalty solutions tailored for Shopify merchants. Our goal is to help these merchants expand their customer base and foster customer retention. In alignment with this vision, we maintain a proactive and open approach, eagerly seeking collaborations with various partners in e-commerce – including agencies, service providers, and developers. 

Beehexa, now, has joined Loloyal’s partner community to be our partner. We both aim to offer top-tier services to e-commerce merchants globally, contributing significantly to their business growth.

Partner Introduction – Beehexa:

HexaSync platform, developed by Beehexa, is a leader in e-commerce integration. Whether connecting legacy systems or modern SaaS applications, Beehexa ensures smooth, effective business operations.

HexaSync operates as an intermediary software, facilitating data transfer to and from multiple systems, be they two or more. The type of data synchronized is determined by user preferences and the API permissions granted by each involved system.

Concerning legacy systems, HexaSync’s versatility is a key strength, as it is compatible with both API-enabled and non-API applications. This adaptability means that regardless of whether a business is utilizing cutting-edge platforms or older software, HexaSync provides them with the capability to streamline their business processes through integration. An illustrative case of HexaSync’s effectiveness is its role in integrating Magento 2 with Microsoft Dynamics RMS for BakesOnline, showcasing its ability to seamlessly bridge modern and traditional systems.

About Loloyal:

Loloyal is the go-to solution for Shopify stores looking to cultivate customer loyalty. Our easy-to-use platform offers a comprehensive suite of loyalty programs, including Points and Rewards, VIP Tiers, Referrals, and Limited-Time Offers. We’re dedicated to turning casual shoppers into devoted fans, enhancing customer lifetime value, expanding customer bases, and boosting sales, especially during peak seasons.

How Loloyal Boosts Merchants’ Business:

  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value: Through our Points program, we encourage ongoing customer engagement with various ways to earn and redeem points. Our VIP Tiers further reward and recognize our most valuable customers.
  • Expand Your Customer Base: Our referral program incentivizes current customers to bring in new shoppers, effortlessly growing your community.
  • Seasonal Sales Boost: Our Limited-Time Offers captivate shoppers, providing extra incentives during peak shopping periods.
  • Affordable and Accessible: With a free plan available and various scalable options, Loloyal fits businesses of all sizes.

The Future with Loloyal and Beehexa:

HexaSync integration platform by Beehexa offers a robust integrated solution that allows customers to manage and transfer data efficiently through a unified dashboard. Loloyal, a powerful loyalty system in Shopify Loyalty Apps, provides points, rewards, referrals, VIP Tiers, etc. loyalty programs, committed to assisting Shopify stores in boosting their sales and conversion rates. 

We’re just getting started. Our partnership with Beehexa is a testament to our commitment to providing top-notch services to our clients. Together, we are confident that this collaboration will foster greater automation opportunities for e-Commerce merchants as they expand their online stores.

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