VIP Tiers

Treat your loyal customers with higher tier and more perks to improve stickness.

Create tiers that reward your loyal customers with better rewards and exclusive perks to enhance customer retention and maximize overall customer value.

Entry: Craft entry method of VIP for customers based on points earned, amount spent, and number of orders placed.

Reward: Reward customers as they advance to higher tiers with amount discount, percentage off, free products, free shipping, and more.

Upgrade: Continuously incentivize customers by introducing points rewards as they progress through the tiers.

Set up milestones to achieve and keep VIP status

Decide customers has how much time to achieve and keep VIP tiers, and push your customers to keep or step into next tier with limited time.

Lifetime: Once your customers become a member of the loyalty program, they will never lose or drop a tier once it has been achieved.

Calendar year:  Once they are a loyalty program member, they must have activities within one calendar year to determine their VIP tier for that year and the following calendar year.