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Ueba Esou (上羽絵惣株式会社) Background

Ueba Esou (上羽絵惣株式会社) is a Kyoto-based Japanese manufacturer and seller of natural pigments. The company has a long history spanning over two and half centuries. The store was founded by Sobei, the first generation of the family, in 1751. Ueba Esou remains in the same city where it began operation despite many other traditional Japanese paint and pigment manufacturers closing down. This family-owned business is now on a mission to spread Japan’s wonderful colors and traditional techniques to the world.

Ueba Esou’s product line includes Japanese paints used by professional Japanese artists in their work. In line with this target audience, the paint manufacturer also makes mineral, gofun, water-dried, and stick pigments, all trademarked by Byakoko. Ueba Esou has extended its experience and knowledge of pigments into the cosmetics industry with its water-soluble nail polish, gofun nails.

Ueba Esou nail

Challenges Ueba Esou (上羽絵惣株式会社) Faced

Ueba Esou’s challenge with its customer loyalty program was low participation. The issue was compounded further by the company’s frustration in finding a simplified tool that charged affordably for a basic points program. Many of the loyalty and rewards bundled their services together and charged a high price.

To get around this, the company began a search that saw it test several other solutions before turning to Loloyal. As part of the search, Ueba Esou outlined its goals to help it arrive at a loyalty program that fits the brand.

Ueba Esou’s Goals

This Japanese traditional paint manufacturer had clear goals that it wanted to achieve with the help of a reliable rewards and loyalty program tool. These goals were as follows.

1. Draw the Attention of New Customers to Loyalty Program

One of the challenges that Ueba Esou faced was low participation in their loyalty program. Therefore, the company wanted to increase awareness about this program to new customers and incentivize them to join.

2. Improve Customer Engagement

Ueba Esou hoped to boost customer engagement with a loyalty program that would encourage the customers to sign up and spend more time on their website.

3. Boost Customer Retention Rates

From experience, Ueba Esou identified the importance of retaining customers as opposed to attracting new ones every time. Boosting the customer retention rate was another objective that the company looked forward to accomplishing with a loyalty program tool.

Loloyal Solutions Ueba Esou Used

Ueba Esou only needed a basic points program that would reward customers for spending certain amounts of money and signing up for their customer loyalty program.

Ueba Esou loyalty program

Loloyal was the perfect tool. Initially, the Ueba Esou team used Loloyal’s customization function to develop a customized rewards launcher and panel that matched their website’s theme. The launcher and pad allowed more customers to know about and click the loyalty widget. This feature helped customers to participate in the loyalty program.

Customers earned 100 points when they signed up and one point for each 100 Yen spent on Ueba Esou products.

Loloyal Helps Ueba Esou Launch Loyalty Program in Less than 24 Hours

Partnering with Loloyal was a game changer for Ueba Esou as it sought to accomplish the goals it had set. The company committed to the Starter Plan and noted the following positive results a few weeks later.

1. 76%+ Shoppers Converted to Loyal Customers

The low customer participation in loyalty programs was a major concern for Ueba Esou, which wanted to create more awareness about the availability of these rewards to new site visitors. With Loloyal, the Ueba Esou team managed to customize a rewards launcher and panel, which encouraged shoppers to sign up for the program and earn 100 points immediately. The loyalty widget worked wonders and has helped the Japanese paint manufacturer convert over 76% of all shoppers into loyal customers. Site visitors opened the loyalty widget more than 4,000 times. Three thousand shoppers signed up for the loyalty program.

2. Program Launch Within 24 Hours

Loloyal’s loyalty and rewards tool is simple to set up and launch within a short time. For Ueba Esou, the brand needed to have an operational basic loyalty points program as soon as possible when it contacted Loloyal. From paying for the Starter plan to launch, less than 24 hours were needed, and new customers could see the loyalty widget when they visited the Ueba Esou website.

3. Repeat Customer Rate Increased by 38%

Ueba Esou was able to make more sales without actively looking for new customers once it launched the loyalty points program. Customers became more loyal to the company when they signed up for the rewards program and redeemed points they had accumulated for coupons at checkout. Ueba Esou noted a staggering 38% increase in repeat customer rate, which validated the company’s effort to enhance the customer experience with an initiative that rewards loyal shoppers.


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shoppers become loyal fans


launch loyalty program


repeat purchase rate

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