Turn your shoppers into loyal fans with Loloyal

Boost your customers retention rates and increase sales with Loloyal powerful loyalty and rewards systems.

Over 25000+ brands use Loloyal to grow their business

Contains morden features for larger customer base


Points Program

Motivate customers to repeat purchase with points and rewards.

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Referrals Program

Encourage customers to refer their friends and expand customers base with referrals program.

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VIP Tiers

Keeps customers engaged and motivated to climb the loyalty ladder with VIP Tiers.

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Reward Panel

Customize your reward program that customers love with custom fonts, images and languages.

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Delight your customers "From Like to Love" with Loloyal.

With Loloyal, you have power to customize your loyalty program’s rules. Our user-friendly platform lets you create a unique program that aligns with your brand’s personality, rewarding customers for all interactions, from purchases to social shares and referrals. 

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business, and we help you maximize their delight and ensure they choose you time and again.

Merchants satisfy Loloyal Loyalty programs.

“Loloyal has been the perfect partner for us. Their guidance goes way beyond simple suggestions and played a big role in the success we have seen with rewards! It provides exceptional value for customer loyalty.

Loloyal has significantly contributed to achieving a 120% increase in repeat sales, resulting in an additional $680,000 in revenue through our loyalty programs.”



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